We strongly believe that language acquisition is gained faster in a group than on an individual basis. Therefore our language courses are offered in groups only (maximum 10 children per course).  During these courses children will extend their vocabulary by participating in different language based activities. We will be working with different themes for both the young and older children.

For the younger children (age between 3,5 up to 6) the theme activities will compose of music, games, speaking, reading out loud, arts, crafts and free playing. During this ‘free play’ the teacher will accompany the children by participating in the roll-play as well.  By doing so, common (real life) situations are imitated in a useful Dutch context.

For the older children (age between: 6 up to 10) the theme focus will be more towards learning to speak, read and write in Dutch. This will be accomplished as well as and supported by using games, books and worksheets. We will try to tailor our service to the child needs as much as possible.