Looking for a kick-start in Dutch for your child(ren)?

Dutch language courses for children

Edu2start offers Dutch language courses for children in groups or private.

During these courses children will extend their vocabulary
by participating in different language based activities,
under supervision of an official Dutch primary
school teacher!

By using themes, we try to connect to a child’s experience.


The younger children (3,5-6 years) :

  • music
  • games
  • speaking
  • reading out loud
  • arts, crafts
  • free playing (during this ‘free play’ the teacher will accompany the children by participating in the roll-play. By doing so, common situations are imitated in a useful context).

The older children (6-10 years) :

  • learning to speak
  • read
  • write

This will be achieved by using games, books and worksheets.
We will try to tailor our service to the child needs as much as possible.

We think it is important to collaborate with parents. At the end of the 10 courses your child will be provided with a portfolio comprising of his or her own work along with a performance evaluation.

Apart from offering our courses at our Location in Amstelveen,
we are also flexible to provide courses at third-party locations
(e.g. schools and/or rented properties).