Group courses
We strongly believe that language acquisition is gained faster in a group than on an individual basis. Therefore we offer language courses in groups.  During these courses children will extend their vocabulary by participating in different language based activities.
We will be working with different themes for both the young and older children.

For the younger children (age between 3,5 up to 6) the theme activities will compose of music, games, speaking, reading out loud, arts, crafts and free playing. During this ‘free play’ the teacher will accompany the children by participating in the roll-play as well. 
By doing so, common (real life) situations are imitated in a useful Dutch context.

For the older children (age between: 6 up to 10) the theme focus
will be more towards learning to speak, read and write in Dutch.
This will be accomplished as well as and supported by using games, books and worksheets. We will try to tailor our service to the child needs as much as possible.

Edu2start works with a so-called: “Strippenkaart”, which includes
10 courses (saturdays) of 2 hours each (in total 20 hours of language education). During each course there is a small break
were we offer your child something to drink (provided by Edu2start).

After finishing the final course an evaluation meeting with the parent(s) will be scheduled. During this meeting the development of your child will be discussed and you will receive your child’s portfolio.

Private courses
In some particular cases, a private course can be preferred.
For example when your requests or expectations are highly specific. For this kind of courses we should discuss timing and date(s) separately. In addition we always discuss the content face tot face to meet your requirements.


Having fun in communicating is the basis for language development in our opinion. When children enjoy the process of learning a new language it becomes much easier for them to learn. TPR (Total Physical Response) is a method we use at edu2start. We are more than happy to elaborate on the TPR method by phone or face to face.

Children need structure to ensure a certain foundation and to increase a certain sense of security and certainty.  This is even more applicable for children who have no experience with the foreign (Dutch) language.

By using themes we try to connect to children’s experiences by using our methods during teaching and playing. Making the different activities become meaningful and recognizable.

As we believe that it is really important that children should learn from and with each other, we decided to offer group courses. We also offer private (individual) courses for child(ren), if preferred.

In addition, we also believe it is important to collaborate with the parents.  At the end of the courses your child will be provided with a portfolio comprising his or her own work. Also an evaluation meeting will be scheduled with the parents.